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1.1. The Customer, from the reception of the Product, will have a period of 15 days to process any claim to ELECTROMARKET in relation to the Product supplied. After this period, the products will be considered as compliant and accepted by the Customer without any possible claim. The claim must be processed through the website of ELECTROMARKET Upon receipt of the RMA request, ELECTROMARKET reserves the right to authorize or not the requested RMA, depending on the status of the product and its warranty conditions.

1.2. ELECTROMARKET will only accept the return of the Product if the following circumstances occur:

a) That the Customer returns the Product in the same state (not unsealed and not already installed) in which it was delivered in its original packaging without the customer's registration.

b) That the return label (RMA), obtained from the customer service department (never on the packaging), clearly appears on the shipping label.

c) That once the RMA is obtained, the Product is sent within 3 working days. A maximum reception period of 10 days is established for said RMA, after which it will be canceled.

1.3 If a product is received and it is verified that it does not meet the requirements of the RMA, it will be returned to the Customer freight collect. ELECTROMARKET may accept said return discretionally within a maximum period of 15 days from the invoice date of ELECTROMARKET, establishing a return charge of thirty Euros (30).

1.4. The Customer, from the acceptance of the Product, will have a period of 10 days to send to ELECTROMARKET, by email or certificate, any claim concerning the invoices. In no case may a claim justify a delay or a suspension of the price of the product.

1.5. In all cases that the customer wants to return a product, you have to pay transportation costs (round trip), send by your means.
1.6. Refill product in case of breakage by transport: In the case of receiving the damaged product it will be mandatory to present photos of the box, product and delivery note of the transport, being essential to be able to process the accident that on the delivery note is signed by the customer and the carrier clearly indicating that they have received the order in poor condition with a broken box or other damage. If these conditions are not met, we do not accept replacement of the product. Since in case there is damage or breakage of the product, and there is no Noted the incidence on receipt of the package, then you will bear all shipping costs to change or repair the affected products.


2.1. By its condition of intermediary, the guarantee that covers the Product delivered to the Client to that extended by the manufacturer. This warranty only covers the physical imperfections of the material support. The intervention of ELECTROMARKET is limited only to the processing of the simple change of the defective parts, as long as the manufacturer's warranty foresees such measure.

2.2. The guarantee is applied as long as the Product delivered to the Customer is used under normal operating conditions, such as those described in the catalogs, in the instructions and in the manuals made available to the user. In no case is it guaranteed that the Product supplied is suitable to respond to a particular problem of the user.

2.3. ELECTROMARKET is not obliged to indemnify the user or third parties for the consequences of the use of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by people, damage to the goods outside the product, loss of profit or loss of profits, damages that come or that come from a deterioration, or loss of data recorded by the user.

2.4 ELECTROMARKET takes delivery in both directions in case of DOA (Defective delivery of the material). If after reviewing the product it turns out that it works correctly, it will be returned to the Customer, who must pay the corresponding transport costs and a rate of 30 euros for handling and checking expenses.

2.5 Return postage for defective products within the warranty period is for the Client's account since the manufacturer does not include within the warranty the cost of shipping the material for repair.

2.6 The amount that ELECTROMARKET will pay for the returned products will be limited to the current market price, regardless of the original purchase price

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